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About us

The Association of Human Rights in Kurdistan – Geneva (KMMK-G) is an independent organization, with no political affiliation. KMMK-G was established in 2006 to serve as a bridge between the Kurdish civil society and the United Nations (UN) agencies and International institutions on the one hand, and the Kurdish and Iranian civil society on the other hand. The organization aims to:

  • Promote democracy, human rights, and social development in and beyond Iranian Kurdistan;
  • Defend the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and challenging all forms of discrimination;
  • Defend the rights of political prisoners and working to end death penalty;
  • Promote women’s rights and the rights of the child;
  • Raise awareness about the human rights situation in Iranian Kurdistan and beyond;
  • Promote the rights and the integration of Kurdish Diaspora

Taimoor Aliassi

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Co-Founder & Executive Director: A graduate of the Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID) with a specialization in International Law, Taimoor represents the KMMK-G at the United Nations. His works focus on minority-related issues in Iran and in the Middle East.  He writes about the geopolitics of the Middle East and the role of the established and emerging powers in the region and human rights issues in French, English, Kurdish and Persian. 

Rahim Mohammadi

Co-Founder & Chairperson

Rahim is a Kurdish writer, journalist and a minority rights defender. He writes frequently about Kurdish-related issues and is also a novelist. Rahim’s latest book in Kurdish is titled Love, Hope, Dream & Fantasy.