The KMMK-G’s report on insdiscriminate killings of Kurdish kulbaran (border couriers) by Iranian security services for the period of November 2013 to Febraury 2014

The KMMK-G’s report on insdiscriminate killings of Kurdish kulbaran (border couriers) by Iranian security services for the period of November 2013 to Febraury 2014.

The Kurdish citizens working as kulbar (border couriers) continue to be victim of Iranian security force’s indiscriminate killings, for engaging in smuggling such items as tea and tobacco because of inadequate employment opportunities and because of landmine contaminations of their lands. The Islamic Republic of Iran is part of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the indiscriminate killings of kulbaran (border couriers), constitute an obvious violation not only of Iran’s domestic laws but also of ISCESR in particular of Article 9 –Right to social security, Article 7 – Right to just and favourable conditions of work, Article 6 – Right to Work and Article 11 – Right to an adequate standard.

The Association for Human Rights in Kurdistan of Iran-Geneva (KMMK-G) wish to draw the attention of United Nations and human rights stakeholders that despite the UN Special rapporteur’s expression of concern about the situation of  Kulbaran in its October 2013 report to UN General Assembly, the indiscriminate killing of kulbaran continues in Iran.

The name of kulbaran victims of indiscriminate killings for the period of November 2013 to January 2014

1)Mr. Sahi TAMARZADEH, aged 18, from Farzian village in Soma Bradost region was shot dead by the security forces on 28th of October 2013.

2)Mr. Noordin ALIZADEH and Mr. Bihrooz ALIZADEH FROM from Urumya (West Azerbaijan) went under fire by security forces on 29th of October 2013. Mr. Noordin ALIZADEH died but Mr. Bihrooz ALIZADEH survived the bullet fire and only wounded. The survivant witnessed that they recieved no warrant from Iranian security services.

3)Mr. Karim ARABI son of Jader from Anbê village, Targawar region of Urumya was wounded in the border between Iran and Turkey on 31st of October 2013. According to him, 60 horses were shot dead during that raid of Iranian security forces.

4)Mr. Kameran KARIMI son of Mohammed Aziz, aged 26, from Norwoy village of Nawsood town (Kermanshah) province was wounded. Four horses were shot dead and their goods confiscated by security forces.

5) Mr. Barzan SALIMZADEH, aged 23, from Maidanan village, Sardasht town (West Azerbaijan province) was shot dead on 5th of November 2013. Another Kurdish citizen named Mr. Ako AHMADPOOR was wounded in the same attack.

6) On 11th of November 2013, a young Kurdish gril named Avîn Osman from Bane region who went for a picnic with his brother was shot dead by security services. The Iranian security services alleged that Ms. Avîn was holding smaggled goods.

7) Mr. Jalil Yunesi known as Himi, aged 29, from Ushtraw village from bane was shot dead in Boyan region by security services on 14th of November 2013.

8) Mr. Hamed SHAKERY from Sardasht region was shot dead inside his car by Iranian security forces on 17th of November 2013.

9) Mr. Nawroz HUSSEIN AWAYEE , aged 28, from Bardasoor village from TARGAWAR region, URUMYA, was shot dead in the border between Iran and Turkey on 23rd of November 2013.

10) Mr. Mohammad KARIM from Dublawa village in Mariwan was wound on 28th of November 2013 while he was gathering chesnuts.

11) Due to snow and the cold, two Kulbar : Mr. Farhang NAYEB, aged 17, and Mr. Yaser ANSARNAZHAD son of Sirahaddin, aged 22, from Khanegi village lsot their life. Two other Kulbar named Mr. Samad FATAHI son of Ahmad and Sharafat AZGHARZADEH son of Qassim were wounded by security forces.

12) Mr. Farzad AZGHARZADEH son of Talib, aged 30, from Bashmaghi village from Saqiz town, was shot dead in the Bane border region by security forces on 26th of November 2013. Four horses were also shot dead in this attack.

13) Mr. Yahya FAQIHI son of Kakabra and Ismail MOHAMMADI aged 24, two kurdish Kulbar from Salababajani (Kermanshah) wre found dead after falling from mountains after fleeing security forces.

14) Mr. Shahab ARABI son of Latif from Anby village in the Targawar region in URUMYA, sentenced to 6 month imprisonment and to a fine of 5 million Tomans. Another Kulbar named Mr. Karim ARABI who was wounded earlier was arrested.

15) on 12th of December 2013, Mr. Moeen RASHIDI son of Wazir and Mr. Kaywan MORADI were targeted by security forces on the road between Nawsood and Narwy while driving. Their car accidented, Mr. Moeen RASHIDI who was 24 years old, lost life and Mr. Kaywan MORADI who was 28 years old, was wounded.

16) On 9th of December 2013, the security force attacked  the car of Mr. Behzad YARI FROM Kermanhah who died from the shooting. His companion Mr. Muhsen MOHAMMADI was wounded. The fire attack took place at Nahawand village in Razani town from Hamadan province.

17) Mr. Ibrahim DEHQANI from Mamkhanzad village in Chakderan region of West Azerbaijan province went under fire of security forces and was wounded on 13th of December 2013. Three other  kulbar from Pirnahkh village in Soma and Bradost region were found dead due to snow fall.

18) Mr. Burhan ILKHANZADEH, aged 45, was wounded by security forces. Another Kulbar named Mr. Raouf RAZAI son of Tawfiq who was driving in direction of his village Kanibard, went under the security forces fire and was wounded. The security forces thought that he carried smaggled goods.

19) On 21st of December 2013, the security forces wounded a scheperd named Mr. Ali SADATI son of Ahmad, aged 34, from Alwatani village in Sardasht.

20) Mr. Ramyar IBRAHIMI son of Hussein,  aged 23, from Berjwy village in Alan Sardasht region went under security forces fire and was wounded on 31st of December 2013.

21) 1sr of January 2014, Mr. Kawa MUSTAFA, aged 23, from Saqez town was shot dead. Another Kulbar named Pourya ASSADI, aged 30, from Shaabad town was shot dead.

22) On 5th of January 2014, Mr. Saman KHEZRI known as Soory, aged 26, from was suspected as Kulbar and shot dead by security forces. His dead body was remorked by a security forces car and drawn for 2 kilometres.

23) On 7th of January 2014, the Iranian security forces entered the Sarbas village to investigate some houses. The security force has faced resistence from the villagers and as a result two persons named Mr. Hajir FATHI, aged 19 and Mr. Akbar HUSSEINI, aged 47, were wounded and a man named Mr.  Raza FATHI was arrested.

24) Mr. Nader Mamhussein son of Rahman from Tibat village in Alan Sardsht region was wounded by security forces on 15 January 2014.

25)On 18th of January 2014, the security forces have consifcated the goods of kulbaran in Soma Bradost region and have arrested some kulbars. One of the Kulbar name is Mr. Salam SAHRABI from Barizdi village in Bardost soma region.

26) On 1st of Febraury 2014, four Kulbar lost their life due to snow and cold, the names are : 1- Fakhir SHNODUKANE son of Ahmad from Gissan village. 2- Shaker SHNODUKANE son of Ahmad from Gissan village. 3- Adam GIRDIPOOR son of Mustafa from Shekh Mustafa village. 4- Khabat son of Mussa from Dizza village in Margawar (death region) region. The government has confiscated the corps of the kulbaran and ask 10 million Toman for returining back the bodies.

27) Mr. Soran from Alan Sardasht region was shot dead by security forces on 5th of Febraury 2014. Another Kulbar named Mr. Ahmad son of Jalal from Choman village was wounded.

28) Mr. Salahdin Brooki, aged 28, from “Nawru” village of Chalduran town was killed indiscriminately by Iranian security forces on 17 of Febraury, he is father of three childern.

Geneva, 20th of February 2014

Association for Human Rights in Kurdistan of Iran-Geneva (KMMK-G)

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