One man, two cultures

Last year, after 24 years in exile, I returned to Iraqi Kurdistan to visit my family for Newroz, the Kurdish New Year celebrations. I wanted to go there to reflect on the experiences of my life, which have led me from Iran, to Iraq, and finally to Switzerland. I would like to share with you a brief summary of my path out of my homeland.

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(کوردی) کونفرانسێک له‌ ژێر ناوی “مافی چارە نووس و دیفاع له‌ ویستی گه‌لان” هاوکات له‌ گه‌ڵ شانزه‌هه‌مین کۆبوونه‌وه‌ی ئه‌نجوومه‌نی مافی مرۆڤ له‌

Defending the Will of the People

The right to self-determination and defending the will of the people

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